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Old Paint

 Its only been six days
since my horse ran away
Matter of fact, it's been
just two hours more then that.

I think...

I haven't had a drop to drink
I'm so thirsty I'd lick a dirty sink.
Just one drop of water
to wet me tongue
or perhaps just a couple more
than just one.

I sure miss my "Old Paint"
she was my best friend,
traveling companion,
and mostly a God send.

Why, we would sleep
her on the ground
my lying beside
n' snow all around.

Sure wish I had that snow
could use it fer water, you know.

I'm not able ta gets on me feet.
Think me legs broke
n' tis too far from the creek.

I suppose a coyot'
may drop by
sure be a nuisance
him chawin' me eye.

Or maybe, that there cougar
will smell my scent
n' come on over
ta where my leg is bent.

Either or, makes no never mind
as neither is a helping kind.

Rattlesnake Willie
is what they aughts ta call me.
Probably will if'n they ever find me,
crumpled by this here Joshua tree.

Why I remembers some time ago
when me leathers were curing
and my saddle sores grow-ed,
there was a woman, some may know
from a bar in Kentucky,
where the buzzard roost goes.

That there woman
she was fine!  She sure knew
how to make my leather shine.
N' I members another time
when a lassie from Tallahassee
tossed a noose at me
just missed....Thank God, I'm free!

Well, times passin'
no-ones around. Guess I better be goin'
six feet under the ground.

So, if'in I pass,
who will bury me?
Why I don't relish the idea
of a Buzzard gnawin' on me.

I should start clawin' some dirt away
help speed up that dying day.
Probably help with them other things
like reachin' China or findin' water,
"You know what I mean??"

Don' look at me like that!

I'm fixin' ta leave...no hurry!

Are you that anxious ta finish
readin' my last words?

Dang-it! That's mighty unkind of you.
Why I may just come back

all rotten skin n' bones

and haunts you with stories
my lost loves. 


Pretty borin' stuff,

not like Lonesome Dove.

Why lookie there!

My my it's Old Paint

come back to save my hide.

Hey! You mangy old cur dog!

What the hell do you mean,

running off like that!

All that scared you

was me takin' off me hat!




Wait!  I din' mean it! 


Where you goin'?




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  • Blushfulmoon silver  member

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    Congrats on the Honorable MentionI love how you penned it...with the slang of the cowboys....I enjoyed it from start to finish.........tho I wish your Old Paint had of stayed....so nice to meet you

  • Rheea gold  member
    February 10

    You have a way with words lol oh I knew that Paint was a mare and just about fed up with this old fella. This is funny and yet tugs at your heart strings .. Thank you Chuck I loved this one

  • Moonlightlady gold  member
    January 22

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    You really set the scene. Reads just like an old western. I can hear his gravely voice talkin' to all the critters and calling Old Paint. Interesting that you made Old Paint a mare.

  • west-word
    January 18
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    LMAO!! See there yea ought to know'd better then ta' take yer' ol' hat off that ol' head of yers'..

    Great ol' story ya got here!!

  • Raiven-Wings gold  member
    January 17

    Lol aww sad but funny at the same time I didnt know to cry or laugh so have done both. That ending though lol had to laugh the dog ran away hehehe poor man will be crow food I like the way its written the slang so on just suited it .