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She breaths with a majestic charm that can be disastrous and bring alarm.  She colors with a plethora of paints, lavenders, limes, and alabaster hues. She mothers us with a shared love. The kind that links us with all that live in her embrace. She moves us rarely but when she does it's with a force of strength that far eclipses our ability to resist. She nurtures us with daily bread and brings us cures to that which would kill us.

She touches us inside and out and brings the very breath of life to our lungs. She provides the water that washes away our sins and hydrates our existence with liquid gold. She feeds us in ways we've yet to discover and enriches our lives with tastes that entice our addictions. She walks among us in the form of animals, insects, marine life, and plants that assume forms beyond our limited imaginations.

And when we least expect it....

She adjusts our environment in incomprehensible movements of forces we cannot begin to command. She creates in ways that we assume to be God-like or at the very least composed of complexities of linked heritage, time tested and randomly applied.  She strikes with thunder and lightning harnessing the sheer power of electricity, atomics, and even universal oceans of radiation.

and when angered...

She takes the life she has given in mass murder delivered in momentous waves of water and earth and all the wars of man cannot equal the total loss of life created in the arrival of one hunk of rock.

and now...

A meteoroid approaches slated to arrive in 2028. Circling the sun and bringing only natures wrath upon us. Sized 100 meters in measurement and packing an earth-wide impact zone, this asteroid will change forever the face of our earth and Mother Nature will once again start anew. Over three quarters of our planet is covered by water. An impact into this environment will assume global proportions and result in climate changes that may certainly take intelligence from our mist and generate new forms of life.

Mother Nature, the Mother of us all. She is wonderful, nurturing, demanding, calming, and uncaring most of all.

Author notes

Russian Scientists Warn Of Asteroid Impact Hazard In 2035


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  • JToddUnderhill
    2 days ago

    I may....

    ..... have to ask the one question that seems like humor but is meant to evoke thought. Has their ever been intelligence in this planet? Really? The only difference between humans and other animals are we are able to control the amount of ofspring we have, and opposable thumbs. I really thing there are smarter beings out there than us and they look at us, like we go whale watching. Sitting back aways from earth and seeing the space shuttle go up and say to themselves "oh look Honey they are breaching!" But I digress. Good write and I always look forward to reading your stuff.

    • Chuck Johnson silver member
      2 days ago


      I suppose if we were able to communicate with the Whales, Dolphins, Dogs, etc., we could be surprised at their "intelligence". Perhaps communicating with Mother Nature is only a matter of comprehending the language and method of transmission? Maybe. But, I think a rock, is just a pet for some and at most a rock after all.

  • AngelBellerose gold member
    2 days ago
    this is one of the finest pens i have read on this topic
    just awesome hun thank you for sharing your awesome pen always Angel♥

  • TamaraGeil
    January 2

    Mother Nature indeed!

    Mother nature at her finest, and her worst. Either way... the almighty powerful Mother of the earth unloeashes her might and force upon us. Great write and beautiful imagery.

  • misticmoonlite
    January 1

    uh oh

    all we need is a rock of gilbrater to come tumbling down and then the meteors rule our world, hopefully they mis calculated our mother natures promise of disaster, thanks for joining in