Poetry By Chuck



Paranoid fanatics
Their really all the same
Everything is a conspiracy
and evil plot for gain.

They believe in conspiracies
extremes and only right or wrong.
They see plots in everything
imagine them even in song.

They have no gray, except their lives.
Spent in fear of unknown reprise.
They believe in religion, but only its paint.
Which they use to justify their anger and lack of restraint.

They believe the Devil occupies all who are in power
or at least just those who disagree with their flower.
They manage to subvert even the good that is there,
and visualize only thin plots out of thin air.

They will do anything which does not cause them harm,
to advance their opinions of ..their...right and wrong.
They see evil occupying every soul
They cannot see the fear that inside takes its toll.

They bomb, mass murder, torture, and suicide,
with weapons designed to bring their fear outside.
Kill to get their ways of religion,
kill to control their political regions.

They come in all shapes and size
all types of beliefs, all kinds of demise.
They wear only the traps in their minds,
beliefs that demand they keep tight their binds.

I pity the Fanatics of this world.
They cant see the forest as the flower
wilts and curls.

Medications only loosen the weakest of the binds.
but even with them, they still exist blind.
There is no cure for the darkness that is there.
No way to let them enjoy life and take away the fear.


Author notes

To all those who kill others in thier minds.  To all those who fight blindly and are bound by fears tight, unending binds.

We have them all over the world, but even here in the United States of America, they are living in fear and pain.   They wake with visions of sleeping horrors and they see only plots and plans ...to them deceptions..in the acts of anyone who is better off then them.  So they create websites, and spout pain and blame, and expect and need to convince others they are right and are more important then they really are.  

Written August 15th, 2005