Poetry By Chuck



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How do you define "Pretty"

Wherein lies the words to express "Pretty"

"Pretty" is not beautiful nor is "Pretty" gorgeous

But, for "Pretty" to be beautiful requires only dressing for it

and to be gorgeous, "Pretty" needs only to smile

So how do you define "Pretty"

Perhaps "Pretty" is defined only by that occasional glance

A side view of a silhouette

Where sunlight streams through her hair

and sparkles flash in her eyes

Where crinkles wrinkle her cheeks

and golden locks fall upon her brow

Or is "Pretty" the grace of roses

embraced and presented to her breast

I think.........

"Pretty" is beyond description

and that........

"Pretty" is contained in a vision

of a woman without guile


I think 'pretty' is where that elusive beauty so out of reach, softens enough to touch, in the same way unbounded limits of love are poured into vessels and left for us to discover its rare vintage. I don't think I can define it, though, either!

  • Maureen silver member
    April 27
    Although you say "Pretty" is beyond description, I think you've done a nice job of describing it. Good Luck in the contest! (I entered this one, too.)


  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    April 27
    This indeed held my attention from beginning to end and gave me cause to ponder. Great job and best wishes to you in all of your endeavors Chuck. Thank you for sharing. Keep that pen handy and ever ready for use dear poet. Good luck in the contest hun!
    ¢¾ Touchof1der
  • Ah...this is indeed a journey of the beauty ..which you brought here in the poetry itself..I love the mesage given here..well done
  • Welcome