Poetry By Chuck



The Prisoner of War and all he experienced,
should not become a forgotten lament.

A saga of courage, a litany of regret,
horrendously inventive with intentional neglect.

A prisoners harsh environment, a captors contempt,
chronicled by pain and stubborn resistance.

Dispatched by America but a politicians pawn,
his country a debacle of political wrong.

Each day a fish head and pumpkin stew,
an existence of monotony endurable by few.

A honorable man who answered the call,
now tortured daily seemingly abandoned by all.

Bravery and courage are his daily bread,
each day he faces life with an upraised head.

How would I accept such a consigned fate,
could my spirit withstand such insatiable hate?


Author notes

For twenty years I taught our pilots how to survive the most horrible of experiences.  Some came back and shook my hand.  This poem reminds us all of the terrible torture they endured, the hardships of disease and the daily murder they suffered.

Written January 5th, 2004


  • d-amour
    December 29, 2005
    Interesting choice of topic. And i liked the way it was set up.
    I hope to see more from you in the future :-)
  • Ironfeather
    December 21, 2005


    Thanks, Chuck! This is exceptionally good! I hardly know what to say. I like your motto "Just fade away" but it seems top need "Quietly" added at the end.

  • One Poetic Heart gold member
    December 20, 2005
    Oh Chuck I do remember Jane Fonda all to well and we assumesd she with held/ lied information and just had to wait it out, for her to tumble, this poem Chuck is a great remembance to our fallen heroes and vets, and of course pows that are still missing, I can almost hear you doing the interview..
    I know that you have expierence behind you and great pride.. I praise you highly to Andy,LovinCharmer for your great work.. again thank you for entering and good luck in the contest!..Linda

  • Angelic Love
    September 11, 2004
    This is a very deep and wonderfully written poem.
    Thanks for sharing this with us. And I must say I
    agree with you 100%!
    Thanks for entering and best of luck to you

  • Fool no1
    March 18, 2004 
    Whenever i think of war i think of the Sadness, just like here and now with your poem. I salute every one of them past and present for their courage conviction determination to succeed. But most of all for the life i have now because of these very special people. So to you for reminding me, and to all the unsung heroes Thank you.

  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    January 6, 2004
    Its the responsibility of their parents to raise them. We can't do that. But, if that is not met, then we have only ourselves to blame for not providing the parents with a dose of reality ... war is a reality... not a pleasant one. My intention when writing POW was to tell the story in a poem of the terrible things that a POW must experience. I interviewed the returning POW's from Vietnam. Some with over eight years of torture. I asked them "What do you think of Jane Fonda?" (If you remember, Janie went to North Vietnam and they pulled the wool over her eyes and convinced her that our POW's were being treated well. She came back and blasted the military for lying... only to retract that publically years later when the truth came out.) He told me that he absolutely hated her.... but... would give his life to support her freedom of choice and speech.

    Hell of a guy.

  • ChrisRobin
    January 5, 2004

    Heartfelt with incredible thought

    It's a shame that so many younger folk today do not appreciate or grasp the efforts of people like yourself, and what you all achieved for us all. A thank you on behalf of many countless voices.

    A beautiful reminder for all, truly heartfelt.
  • Gigi Lombard
    January 5, 2004
    i am in awe. i watched a war documentary the other night and wrote a poem on it because it upset me that so many boys/men had a fate like that 'called it was their death in vain but your poem is incredible it has feeling, depth and absolute brilliance!