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Mount the beast feel its steel girth
Place your weight on a leather seat
Feel the size of this monster below.
Start the engine that commands respect.
It's then you'll hear the music from it.

"Head out on the highway"
Looking' for adventure
And whatever comes our way...

Ride this dragon of fire. Accept it's challenge.
Control the beast, use the brakes, take the weight.
Push-pull the handlebars and most of all
watch the traffic and crap on the street.

I like smoke and lightning
Heavy metal thunder
Racing with the wind
And the feeling' that I'm under

Keep the bike between your legs.
Hold tight the handlebars tonight.
Ease the weight out of that danger zone.
Ride the twisties, in a midnight alone.

Like a true nature's child
We were born, "born to be wild"
We can climb so high
I never wanna die

Take command of the bike
Crank the throttle to the right
She responds with a leaping thrust
that is certain to crack your nuts

If you don't ride
then you don't know
Open the throttle
on the open road

The cages are standing still. They appear to be frozen
As you fly by on a chariot of speed, open and free.
It doesn't matter if your young or old
out here on the open road.

Feels like your "knocking on Heavens Door"
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!!
Knocking knocking knocking on Heavens Door
Knocking knocking knocking on Heavens Door

Life sure isn't a bore! When your knocking' on Heavens Door.
Living in the wind, gathering rebels as friends.
Leaving the law to the man and leaving rubber across the land.
You'll feel like your riding against the wind.

See the young man run
Ridin' against the wind.
Against the wind.
Against the wind.

Throttle back, off the attack.
Ease your grip, take a breath and relax a bit.
The night progresses across the sky.
You'll see the moon as you fly by.
White lines, broken bits. Expletives pass your lips
Your feeling Bad to the Bone!

I broke a thousand hearts
Before I met you
I'll break a thousand more, baby
Before I am through

I think of my gal and my thoughts are kinda wild.
I think of our time and how it feels.
I think of her body with its sex appeal!
Holy Shit Baby! You are REAL; "Bad to the Bone"!

Bad to the bone
Bad to the bone
Ba ba ba bad
Bad to the bone

The night is passin' and I'm relaxin'.
Wind tosses my hair, leathers dusted, tires needin' air.
I'm feeling the trip, guessing it's been twelve hours of it.
Heading out the Highway on an iron horse.
It's a highway south, that I roam.
It's a highway to hell that I call my home.
City's suck, the countryside is my side.
There's a Bad Moon Rising over this Easy Rider.
Fire on the Mountain from smokin' pipes.
I went south to play the sound of my song
and WAKE the night in midnight fright!

He rides a road, that don't have no end,
An open highway, without any bends,
On "Iron Horse" he flies, on Iron Horse he gladly dies,
Iron Horse his wife, Iron Horse his life

Keeping the rubber side down...



Author notes

Motorhead - Iron Horse
George Thorogood - Bad to the Bone
Bob Seger - Against the Wind
Guns-N-Roses = Knocking on Heavens Door

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  • divebar

    really clever idea. :]

  • Moonlightlady gold  member
    January 5

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    Songs from the past, mixed with the reality of the Harley Rider's joy. Most excellent Dear Chuck.

  • Raiven-Wings Greeters member
    January 5

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    Steppenwolf wowee lol this brings back memories I know there more groups lol I'm no that daft yet!. What a fantastic lyrical write I adore it , you know I love your writes on motorcycles,you do them so well and that leather can get mighty cold in the winter lol. Your amazing you know that sorry for waffling

  • grannyeri gold  member
    January 5

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    What a picture. Can imagine riding down the highway with the flies getting in your teeth - Born to be wild, indeed. Remember that movies years ago.

  • Rawr-bite me
    January 5
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  • misticmoonlite gold  member
    January 5

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    this had me

    flying down the road as I was behind you trying to keep up Gosh your fast lol
    I also liked the way you used song titles, delving in deeper with the wind, thank you for joining in
    good luck

  • Anamika5
    January 5
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    nice one:

  • PorijPoet
    January 5

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    Very pleasing

    Flowed very well i enjoyed how the rhymes both between lines and within them created chemistry between the words. I think creating patterns and rhyme schemes is essential to make a piece that can be understood and not bore the reader, as it is lengthy. Overall, I enjoyed your work, it's a very creative idea to have your own words interwoven with the words of legends.