Poetry By Chuck



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Its so nice to be free of binding love.
To be unwounded and unbound.
To ride the skies of freedom,
and to hear the echoing sounds,
And to untie the knots that she tied,
Thus to drop the ropes aside.

Her attempts to hold me in her clasp.
Failed to bind me or keep me trapped.
Her "rules", her "restrictions",
were convulsing constrictions.
Now their just limp twine,
no longer mine.

I'm glad I never told her the truth.
She was more interested in my money,
Which I have more then youth.
Looking for someone to "support" her,
Someone she could order around.

She guessed wrong.

Author notes

Have you experienced "binding" love?
Written April 3rd, 2006


  • Everglow
    April 4, 2006
    I love it!!! Sorry I haven't been on in a while; yours was the first poem I read today.
    This is great I totally was feeling the rhythm and the flow. And the topic PERFECT I can so relate! Talk to you later and I will have to catch up on some of your work 
  • william foos
    April 3, 2006
    her attempts to hold me in her clasp
    failed to bind me and keep me traped
    loved this it is oh so true ever since... well!
    keep writeing
    love the papa

  • grannyeri gold member
    April 3, 2006
    Some relationships are like this, and it is good that you found this out before taking the plunge and getting hitched or allowing someone to take control. Sentiments well expressed in this poem.
  • bymyself
    April 3, 2006
    I like it! Controling relationships are the worst. I've had a few and so have (some still having) my friends. Glad you got out. Some ppl aren't that strong.
  • cherryhanes69
    April 3, 2006
    soothing flow if i do say so myself , good job !