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Shit I felt that one!
Is anyone looking....
I have a ... itch...
that needs to be scratched.
Right between the BUNS!@!
Just out of frigging reach!
I don't want to look like a dope!
But, it ITCHES!
What is there?
I can't reach it!
What can I use?
Just there.
Imagine it and you will feel it too!
That dang damn itch!
Geeze!  Reach around your back.
No matter how hard you try ...

God grant me relief!


Try to use it!
Its too long!
Too bulky!
Too small!
Too Short!

I almost got it!

Are people looking???

Using my left arm again.
Reach it around...

 I can't stand it!



Stretch!  Reach!  Curl your fingers!
Pull the flesh towards you!
Grab at it!
Pull on it!
OMG! I can't GET TO IT!!!!



Author notes

Humor results when society says you can't scratch certain things in public, but they itch in public.
Tom Walsh

Written May 21st, 2006


  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    July 1, 2006
    Hey Thanks all! U too Always! Much appreciated.

  • Always Errors
    July 1, 2006
    wow this was really differant but it was amusing to read the pic looks so funny. good poem and a really great write. looks like you had fun with this one awsome!!
  • Forbidden-Smiles
    July 1, 2006
    Just out of frigging reach!
    I don't want to look like a dope!
    But, it ITCHES! - ROFL

    Strange, but kinda funny poem. I like it.

  • Silent Drifter
    July 1, 2006
    lol happens to the best of us...really funny and the picture is sexy as hell lol

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    July 1, 2006
    Uhhh... Ummm...    I really don't know what to say here. You have certainly penned a subject that we have all addressed but perhaps would like to stay far, far away from. I love the humorous way you have approached this.   
    ¢¾ Touchof1der

  • Christina Prince
    July 1, 2006
    That was hilarious! Though I think all of us have moments like that, farting being the big one. You really want to fart but you're in public, and silent but deadly isn't an option? Painful, so you let it rip and get the hell away from the epicenter as quickly as you can so no one knows it was you! heehee.
  • faeorie
    July 1, 2006
    Interesting poem here. I kept on wanting to laugh but the "OMG" kept distracting me. I really think typing it out like "ohmygod!" would be a lot better than omg. Not just because I hate chatspeak, though that is a part of it, but mainly because "omg" doesn't convey how urgent and maddening a scratch like that can be. It also doesn't fit. Otherwise, its funny and unique.

  • Soulful Woman gold member
    July 1, 2006
    This was a great piece... I enjoyed it ..made my day..

    Soulful Woman

  • Ink Blood
    July 1, 2006


    HAHA! That's great! The picture and the poem, just hilarious. Very nice....

  • JeannieD gold member
    July 1, 2006
    HaHaHa so true!! Great
    picture. Great writing.
    Very well done. I
    needed a smile.
    Thank you for sharing.

     Jeannie D Hunter

  • Gregor Samsa
    May 21, 2006

    Well that's an amusing start to Sunday morning.

  • lonely and free
    May 21, 2006 
    yeah thats nails it.. that feeling of almost naughty need.... 

  • honey bear Greeters member
    May 21, 2006


    thay say if it itches then scratch it! fun read my friend good luck in the contest and keep up the good work this on ecertainly made me smile 
  • Lampester
    May 21, 2006
    good poem

  • Closet Poet
    May 21, 2006
    lol... been a while since i read your writing...  i like your authors comms too.. lol.

  • real irish rose
    May 21, 2006
    If you've got a itch...you gotta scratch....just like breaking wind, you cannot hold what you don't have in your hand !!!
    I liked this made me giggle !!
    Well written and indeed a pleasure to read xxx