Poetry By Chuck




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Riding alone mounted on a chrome flame
Night surrounds a black warrior with disdain
Leather coats his rock hard abs
A solitary soldier his attitude seemingly bad

Tearing the night with the sounds of his bike
Casting fear into the minds of sleeping innocents
This phantom of the dark pulls dreams apart
He wakes their souls and takes a terrible toll

What brings such a creature out of its lair
What could cause such a disturbance of the desert air
Why would this demon ride so near
and bring this startling midnight of fear

She rode as light as a feather when they were together
She brought companionship and fun
She was the rear seat where now there is only one
She rides with another and the miles fly by
He travels the lonely path as the white lines pass

There are wolves that travel in packs
Much the same as motorcycle clubs
Single males bonding in tidal floods
hungry for female blood

There are also solitary men
who ride the back-roads with a wind stretched grin
as the miles pass under the wheels and then...
thoughts bring to focus the mind of the man
Thoughts of revenge and other such evil plans
This man now a creature as if from the devils land

Only gas fumes and dusty miles can cure this plight
only evenings of windy flight after midnight
bring relief to the pounding mental strain
suffered in a mental drain and emotional pain

As the morning begins to color the sky
the rider pauses mind weary on reserve
Sanity begins its tiresome return
slowly memories fade no longer discerned.

Author notes

This is the story of many men who ride in solitary pain. Some on bikes, some in cars, some travel just to rid themselves of memories.