Poetry By Chuck



Sometimes We Hide
Sometimes we retreat into ourselves
to a place wherein no other can abide
There may be many such places
where we can hide

Sometimes our smile
hides in just such a place
and finds itself threatened
by outside haste

Sometimes in troubled times
our souls are shaded
our life-essence

Sometimes we wish it wasn't so
We've retreated into a place
where we feel no discrace

in hiding ...


I sit here watching the clouds
float by
great fluffy white cotton balls
occasionally they cry

With a scent of pine
the touch of a warm friendly wind
that sooths my soul
and caresses my skin

How can I
possibly hide
deep and dark

When there is this friend
that reaches my smile
unlike so many
without any guile

My friend has a name
that carries great fame
yet, has no desire
of it

So natural
a healing sauve
for our souls