Poetry By Chuck



Split'in lanes

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I can't stop my life
just because of the stripe
I can't slow my pace
just because of an "in case"
I can't set aside
my life or my ride

I know I don't ride
the speed demons of today
I know I may well
hold a title in trophy hell

To finish first
you have to first finish
Your a joke until you
prove your not
Give a love tap
hit the horn an move on by

Split'in lanes
like spitting in the eye
Ride that horsepower
Ride on by
Gather your courage
as mirrors flash by

There are those
who envy my ride
They move not aside
They hold a contempt
for those with courage
They abuse us in disgust

I've watched the rides
of many riders
I've seen the traffic tides
and surfed the waves
and I've seen the expertise
of the professionals

As I'm passed
while split'in lanes
By a CHP
Golden helmet
White flames
Badge shinnin'

Split'in lanes
a daily exercise
a SoCal surprise
I love the suspense
it's not just the ride
It's the experience
as I fly by...

Author notes

While splitting lanes in SoCal, I was passed by a CHP (Chips - California Highway Patrol) who on his white stead did a between car flash and continued by me, switching back to my "middle" lane after passing me. Amazing riding ability. In the space of one car length, he flashed his bike to the side between the car next to me and the one behind and then back again in one more car length. Fantastic control.