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Missing image
Hidden behind locked doors
Steel bars and concrete ceilings and floors
Hide the infamous disgust
Of the horrible
"Crimes Are Us"
Those better locked away
The rejects, the rebels
Insanity is the norm
Clockwork orange


My prison has not bars
Nor concrete pillars
There are no guards
But,  the time is still "hard"

Limited by my mind
Locked into a restless time
Where options are bound
By the thought process

Unlimited self deprivation
Ego damaged
Hostile image
Mirror reflected

Cast not the first stone
Those that would, could
Wound not with words
Hurtful reminders

Grant me a moment

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    • malmadre gold member
      1 day ago
      The image which you have vividly described here applies to most of us and it doesn't matter which side of the bars you are on, life is hard. I am touched by your poem and also touched by some of your comments to others, especially about how the mind cannot be free to disassociate, even when the body is imprisoned, the deviance that brought about the lock up is still there just as sick, waiting to get out. Thank you for a worthwhile contribution...

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      • Chuck Johnson silver member
        3 minutes ago

        Thank You

        Prison isn't just about the inprisoned, it's also about the injured and the future. Many believe that prison is about only punishment. But, like many other mistaken ideas, of those who will not or can not understand, prison is about protection. Remove the individual from those he has injured and protect the rest of us from further injury. Locked behind the bars of our confinements are men and women who's mind cannot understand the simple idea that life is important, life other then their own. There are those who think of people only as toys for their sexual needs and those who see the world only as a power trip. If there were a way to recognize them before their crimes we would be a much more secure society. But, ....we cannot.

        Thank you for your recognition. The trophy and points, and your time spent to bring this subject to our attention.

    • kvwriter silver member
      March 21
      Goodness, Chuck! This poem bites in his sadness and truth. We can imprison ourselves within ourselves which, to me, is a fate worse than cold steel bars and concrete.

      I say to you, take many moments, without tears, to live, to really live. If words are truly powerful and I believe they are, then you are truly living!

      Be blessed. Love to you, Dear Friend!

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    • stavykm gold member
      March 19


      I've never been in prison just Disneyland Jail LOL Drunk in public at age 15. But for the grace of God there go I, right. My son spent time in jail and I've heard many of stories of Prison a jail by personal experiences. You did a wonderful job on this poem. for we can have a prison all within our ownselves. I so loved your poem here. Thank you for sharing your gift to write poetry with me.
      Wishing You Many Blessings
      Kelle Marie

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    • Mark Rickerby gold member
      March 19
      Interesting write, Chuck. I've been in a few prisons because my brother (God rest his soul) spent 8 years of his life there.

      I wish one mind could be downloaded into another because I'd love to know what you know. You've had a fascinating life so far. Thanks for sharing your unique insights and experience with us all. I've always appreciated your contributions here and to America and felt richer for knowing you.

      Mark Rickerby

      • Chuck Johnson silver member
        March 19

        Hello Mark

        Thanks for the comment. However, your the poet. I'm but a mere shadow of your talent. In your words lay the fowers of earth's garden. I've so enjoyed exploring that garden so full of wisdom. Surprise us with another rare gem and write from your heart again soon, my friend.

    • Rheea gold member
      March 18
      you write the way you see that it is... me I have no idea how metal bars are?

      • Chuck Johnson silver member
        March 18

        Ty for the comments

        The metal bars... I was a instructor for our Armed Forces and taught people how to survive confinement as a POW. That's how I can relate to this poem.

    • MoonsShadow gold member
      March 18
      oh boy, behind bars is so sad as I picture the hard way of life ,lets one suffer the most.. nicely written, but so painful to read,...keep sharing