Poetry By Chuck



Your gaze catches me whole
With intensity and Fire!
Your lips are invitingly bold
parted with desire.

Our eyes lock in emotion.
Our hands touch and bind.
Yet, we are still apart
Seperated by our minds.

I feel your soft hand.
I gaze at your form.
I can feel your nervous shake
And, I know ...where you're warm.

We lean towards each other
Across the table divide
And our heat radiates all over
as we ponder and decide....

Conversations whisper around us
Surrounding yet subdued
Meaningless noises
That do not intrude.

Our topics are varied
But, now they shift
For we cannot long avoid
the heat in our mist.

Now we speak of love
And what it could and should mean.
But, its our bodies that
really decide.. a romantic theme.

I lean towards you
to taste your lips.
You lean towards me.
We touch in a kiss....

Whole worlds are in that kiss...

Author Notes: