Poetry By Chuck





Upon the first meeting, that lovely night.
Two strangers will touch their hearts so light.
Will they meet and enjoy the sight,
Or will rejection be their plight.

How do you tell someone
you have never met,
that she’s wonderful and yet.
She may not like the man she meets.
It may soon be two empty seats.

How does she hide
the trials of life.
Which effect her so physically
causing such inner strife.
Will she lie
and hide behind
a photo from the past,
one that is kind?
Will they lie,
cheat or presume?
Should they avoid
a meeting too soon?
Author notes

Just kinda rambling here with a experiment in "first meetings".   Kinda fun to explore those emotion filled times when we meet someone.  

Do we judge them by first impressions?  Do we peek from around the corner?  

Or do we boldly go where we have never gone before?

Written January 5th, 2004