Poetry By Chuck


That Harley Crowd

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Out riding just a weekend fling
Letting off stress is my thing
I rode up to the "Hideaway"
and there I stopped
Kickstand up and helmet off

I guess the Harley crowd
took offense
at the old rice burner
I rode in their mist

One approached and to the grins
said to me; "I'd rather walk then ride a Honda, my friend."
Now, there are some times when it's better to hold your tongue
and others when not doing so can be fun

I grinned, that kinda set them back
as they thought it would be courage I'd lack
But, with my grin I managed to say;
"I'm here deal with it.  I'm not going away."

One shouted a profanity
something about my mom, you see!
I ignored the twit and with some wit
said to my new companion; "Hi Dimwit!"

He sized me up and knew I was old
but, was uncertain as I was so bold
Then tossing caution to the side
he raised his fists and said;  "Honda's I can't abide. 
Ride on you lover of slant eyes!"

Now most would just ride out of there
and figure it was better to not take that dare
but some may have just half a mind
to teach some manners to the Harley Kind

I watched as several stood and grinned
and my new companion drew courage from them
I knew from the gals who watched with anticipation
that I was dead meat to their elation

And so I did reply;  "If you want a piece of this old asshole
you better come equipped!" 
"Cause, if you give me the slightest opening
you'll get your ass whipped!"

Now the moral to this story is not hard to see
as I got my tail kicked and handed to me
and there was a loud clapping of approval
as that Harley crowd saw to my removal.

So, if you stop at the "Hideout", in old SoCal
it better be on a Harley or you'll meet my new pal

Author notes

Not a real happening, just a tongue in cheek look at the ages old Harley vs everyone else thing. Enjoy!


The picture is of the "Hideout" located just off of Highway 76 and a mile from the intersection of that and Highway 79 in Southern CA.    Great place with music and vendors on the weekends.    Just down the road is the "St Ysabel" casino, and a bit further is "St Ysabel, CA" and "Julian CA".   All types of bikes go there and when I arrived my buddy (in the pic) turned to walk towards me.  After seeing the picture I just had to write this poem.    Still makes me smile when I read it. 

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