Poetry By Chuck




He doesn't use a paint brush,
not even made of the finest horse hair.
Yet, his creations are wondrous,
and displayed in the very thin air.

He doesn't use canvas, thinner or paint.
Yet, each is unique, colorful and quaint.
His beauty is there to be admired not taint,
though for some, more than others, its faint.

Many have tried to match his splendor,
painting, sculpting, and molding with pleasure.
Yet, his beauty is unequaled and bold,
for how can you match new human soul.

He never advertises himself,
he never displays his work.
He gives no autographs.
Yet, he listens to every word.

He doesn't put requirements on his viewers.
He never complains at their views.
He asks for nothing but love from you.
Yet, he receives it from very few.

Without even a thought he can create,
a magnificent sky of orange hue,
a flower of delicate petals,
or a six pound baby, to dress in blue.

Author notes

His only canvas is you.
Written January 6th, 2005


  • Vividly imaginative!

    Interesting. Good writing. Imaginative, and picture perfect in some ways. Brings up heaps of imagery. I don't really know who you are talking about, certainly not me or my stepfather, but hey, good write anyway!
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  • raindroplets
    May 10, 2006
    omg i lovedd the AMAZINGLY AMAZING poem. the backround is sooooo stunning as well, i am sooo happy i clicked!! haha. the poem is just AMAZING. i am speachless ! haha which is a first!!!! great job and keep on writting!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 
  • a drop of light
    May 10, 2006
    Holy Christ Chuck... Come on...that was funny! Ummm...it is a very religious poem, not my bag. But, whatever. The poem was very preachy by nature...but I suppose that is the effect you were going for. Good job then.
  • glispa
    May 10, 2006
    He doesn't put requirements on his viewers ... ummmm i beg to differ .... or maybe that is only the perception of those who speak from behind his name

  • Amber Silverhair
    May 10, 2006
    Religious poems that rave on about God and how Jesus sacrificed himself, leave me cold. But this poem I enjoyed. The fact that you got the message across with out the "in your face" shows a delicacy of touch that is to be applauded. The poem itself is soft in tone and rhythm while still conveying the strong feelings of the "speaker".

  • masterblaster gold member
    May 10, 2006
    Hi, lovely poem, just one small thing might be better as finest sable hair, artist use sable or hogs hair, hogs hair not very poetic so sable might be better, lovely write and so true, hugs Di

  • Fool no1
    January 27, 2005
    Wow Chuck this is beautiful friend. The words , the imagery they create is top. The background is a real part of the poetry here and lovely to. Excellent write Chuck and hope all is well with you and yours..Take care...mal

  • artis
    January 12, 2005
    the author and finisher of our fate, the creator of all heavens and earth, he formed a sculpture of himself, set against a stromy sky, nailed to a cross beam bearing the burden of all, in a gallery of tears still drawn today amidst lost and hungry souls. He created a paradise, and one only needs to believe and appreciate the art of his words, his work, and his beauty to gain entrance.....Artis

  • Exo
    January 8, 2005
    Lets see, where do I start-I read and I enjoyed then I came to realize the man in the background (Jesus I recall) made me ralize who the poem is about. I am pleased to see a poem about their Saviour without even saying their name or any bs with "he did so much for me, he died for me, ooh jesus good guy satan bad."

    I am not into this Jesus guy at all, although the reason why I enjoyed Christian poetry (rarely some..if with true meaning I will enjoy) I love work on religions and politics but,

    I am pleased to see this! This was so excellent, I am going to show my most devoted mother this!

    I might disagree but that does not mean I understand  Great work!!!


  • Pierre Richards
    January 8, 2005


    I'm not usually big into religious pieces, but this one does come off very nicely.
    An excellent piece compairing an artist to Christ.
    Very well done Chuck!
  • Billbard silver member
    January 8, 2005
    You also are an artist without brush,pallette knife or paint and have painted a pretty picture with your well written words.Thanks.
  • SummerKissed
    January 8, 2005
    You write well. This is a great poem, one
    that I enjoyed very much. I feel this person
    as being a humble of spirit and someone nice
    to know..a great friend. Thank you so much!
    Just re-read your poem, you are speaking of
    God. This is awesome.
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  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    January 8, 2005
    So many nice comments. I certainly am not worthy of these.

  • Hoosierpoet silver member
    January 8, 2005
    Nice job, Chuck - sometimes great artists are not appreciated - whether they paint with oils or with words. Enjoyed the read.


  • Rhynoceros
    January 8, 2005
    very intresting piece... i liked this very much... i got great positive vibes from this... nicly done

  • haikumonk
    January 8, 2005
    Very effective poetry. It's interesting that you use rhyme throughout each stanza... the same rhyme that is. I'm not used to that (well, I write haiku, lol) but it works nicely. YesYouCan has said it concisely regarding the "ethereal feel" this piece has.

    Nice work.


  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    January 7, 2005 
    WoW Chuck! I sit here breathless after reading this. You have displayed such an amazing talent for writing with clarity and style. Each well chosen words go down rich and smooth, like fine wine and they leave me thirsting for more. You have fueled my imagination with awesomely vivid imagery and a vibrant perception and you have ever so gently touched the depth of my soul. I cannot explain how this has touched me. This is one of your best!

  • SEA angel
    January 7, 2005


    I love this poem and background. I have a similar poem Art Imitating Reality or something as I cannot remember. This, too, has that ethereal feel that transports reader through vivid imagery into the wonder of creation.
  • ...---.fruitloop.---...
    January 7, 2005
    I love this poem and this background. It is amazing how you conveyed the message you wanted so vivid without ever going straight to the point. Its too bad more people dont see what an artist he is.

  • procrastinater
    January 7, 2005
    well, this poem was very predictable, I liked it, but I also like to be suprised at the end and I wasn't with this one, but still it was a good write

  • Redstormy gold member
    January 7, 2005
    This poem encompasses the very reason I love nature so much, his artistry is unmatched. Beautiful poem. 

  • RockStarAngel7
    January 7, 2005
    This was a good write. God is certainly an artist. From flowers to baboes. I liked that view. You did a nice job on this.

  • Romanee
    January 7, 2005
    That was beautiful, It was an absoloute pleasure to read, like spiritflow I am in AWE! the way you wrote this poem it was simply magical, keep writing such splendid poems, great write, love Romanee, xx
  • spiritflo
    January 7, 2005
    I am in AWE! I could tell by the clever way you weaved the poem that the ending would have depth but I didn't guess close. You are so right, God is The Artist. His creation is so beautiful.

  • darkresolution
    January 7, 2005
    Very well written piece, taught me a few new words so extended my vocabulary! lol, so thanks.

    Was a thought provoking piece, touching... and unique. Well I loved it! Not much else I can say except I love how well the background fits in, because to be honest I am quite speechless with your words... and quite envious of such talent!

    Please keep writing and take care
    kim xx
  • JM Kenyon gold member
    January 7, 2005
    Oh my goodness! You have written the most beautiful poem and chosen the most breathtaking background I have ever seen as well! This is gorgeous all the way around. It is gentle and yet spiritually intense as well. Fantastic write! Best wishes and  s ~genielassie~

  • wishintreeUK
    January 7, 2005

    Beautiful Poetry

    Whats more Chuck, it's all free, not only are we able to see in black and white, but colour also, not only are we able to eat food that is grown in the earth's soil that has germinated from the rain of the heavens, but we have taste.
    A wonderful poem, I love this one!