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The end of the world
will it come with a whimper
or on a whim

Will there be angels
and a devil spawn
or nothing, when the end
comes to the grim

Or does the world end
as we lose each friend
does that which was
cease to exist

Does that which is
discolor in death
when there's no one
to be missed

Or is it reborn
to live again
another useless

Intelligent or just existent
days filled with
hunger and strife

As the darkness falls
for each of us
will there be no one
to pray for us

Are we lost to the dark
of eons and dust
are we just a mote
discarded in disgust

Or do we provide
color and sound
to a world that would be less
if we were never around

Are we all that is
or just a momentary disruption
of the otherwise tranquil
existence of corruption

Did we get here by
direct interventions
or occur in random
without reflection

Where lies the answer
is it at the end of the world
in the abyss of finality
in the mist slowly swirled

Swirled by the thoughts
of those random chances
which we pass by
in our haste to die

A contest entry

  • Deaths Revenge
    2 hours ago 
    The background was slightly distracting, but that was really the only problem that I saw. There were a couple lines that I would have changed but thats just my style of writing. I do like the way it flowed, everything seemed to naturally go from one section to another, amazing work with that. But what I liked the most was how you asked all the questions, but you never really gave an answer, leaving the reader in suspense, nice work.


    • Chuck Johnson silver member
      33 minutes ago

      Thank you

      The background provides the backdrop, an uncaring enduring void of stars which will witness our demise. I modified some of the language to better reflect the theme of the poem and to clairify the intent of each paragraph.


  • ObscureInsanity
    3 hours ago

    Well I love it. The rhyme and flow is good, disrupted but that adds to the poem. Fantastic picture and excellent take on the contest, beautiful theme.

    Please apply for the group, we would love to have you!