Poetry By Chuck



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In a far away land their blood stains the sand
and their youth is spent for the price of a bullet
They fall to the ground to avoid the sound
of an RPG, without apology

They wake to screams their own song of the night
when the smoke fills the air from the flare's white glare
In the fire where sand burns the unwary man
days turn to pain and a sudden sad refrain

Survive for a year, survive all the tears
Reach for the courage of a downed soldier
Sustain yourself with your buddies help
Perhaps death will come to another

But there is no reason in the selection
nor in the bullets direction
One breath, one life, and the red blood
fills the air with its escaping flood

They stand with their brothers
shoulder to shoulder, accepting the orders
Metal shreds the young flesh so soft
and tears the tears from those who see the lost

They fell to the ground covered in glory's gory sound
Lost memories, lost souls reach for the unreachable sky
Battlefields covered in flowers dot the scarred lands
where G.I.'s gave their young lives

God, gather them close hold them in your embrace
they're wandering lost to the Human Race
They've given their lives in some forgotten sunrise
on fields strewn with holes now filled with graves of lost souls

And death has no name when the dying is done
and death is without fame when the dying are gone
Like petals of flowers blown in the wind
to some forgotten corner on some forgotten land

They are the only heroes now numbers with too many zero's
and lives filled with promise line the graveyards of the lost
Death brings the grim shadow of a winters frost
on the edges of wilted flowers laid against a white cross

Author notes

RPG = rocket propelled grenade
G.I. = Government Issued (soldiers)



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  • one tin soldier
    1 hour ago
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    very nice - may we never forget

  • ricachic gold  member
    1 day ago
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    Very nice and exact write Chuck, know where it comes from and it is from the heart, they were our friends and families.


  • blackandblueink
    1 day ago
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    great job!


  • Cynthia Gaines
    1 day ago
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    Very commendable work, thank you for sharing.

  • csmmoms2
    1 day ago
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    Pretty stunning stuff you write here! -c