Poetry By Chuck




Two children grew to maturity in one home
and their special moments are captured in lilting song.
Sharing dirt, smeared on pants and faces, 
and little girl and boy amusing chases.

Then with their siblings they grow each day
each teaching the other in childish ways,
And being tested by life's trevails.
Surviving them, producing awesome tales.

She grows.

A boy enters her life.  Her first experience of this type.
He finds a way into her heart.  She feels pain when apart.
They explore each other.   The daring duo.
Puppy like in devotion.

They move on but not together. 
An experience thats always good to remember.
Others come and go in her life.
Some with charm and others with strife.

She matures with a gradually hardened shell.
Such stories she could tell.
She combines to bring her own kids to life.
Then alone, raises them and mediates their strife.

She watches as they grow in spirit.
She keeps them close and protected.
She provides for their needs.
They call her "Mom".

Her siblings raise their own children.
Each family growing in size.
Some grow beyond all expectation.
But, her relationships are in the past.

Those quality times of togetherness,
The times of almost forgotten tenderness,
When two shared feelings, emotions, and song.
As they sleep together and share their midnight weather.
They repose in slience yet their music was each other.
Even in sleep they shared.  Bonds that were always there.
Two that became one.

I wish I could give you angel wings
and all sorts of unatainable things.
I wish I could erase
a sigh of broken hearts.

The wind upon your face
Will bring memories of the place
Of where your heart has been.

They say the greatest gift

...is life...

I say...

the greatest gift

...is love...