Poetry By Chuck



The old wound
the pain of memories.
The timeless reminders
the fault is mine.
That jagged edge
that bleeds from within,
holds the line
the battle for all time.
Mental waves
of pain filled passion
that create
so many shadows
on interior walls.

Healing is time consuming
forgotten in daily wages
but latent in so many ways
wounded by passion
hurt by love.

A buried monster
of unsurpassed strength
lying dormant
in my mind.

Author notes

What hidden evils are in some people?  The news is repleat with examples of this "intent".
Written February 6th, 2006


  • Perfect Moonlight gold member
    February 6, 2006
    Chuck this is a deep inbedded bitter sweet poem.. quite a different swing on your writes than normally posted..but is nice to see changes..Linda