Poetry By Chuck



Traveling our separate paths,
but with memories of our past,
We shall again cross our paths,
as life brings us to our past.

Author notes

Written July 3rd, 2004


  • Jaded Lily silver member
    August 3, 2004
    "as life brings us to our past"
    wow...now, here I sit, in deep thought about what was. I am me today because of those paths travelled or thrust down forcefully. Not all paths are of our choosing, but they become our paths just the same. So, tonight, through your writing and an open mind, I have once again been gently reminded to lean, give, love, forgive, and embrace...4 lines did all this...
    Thank you, Chuck...Susan

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    July 3, 2004
    Isn't it funny that so many people desire and actually believe, they can run from their past...walk away and leave it all behind. But you can't. The past and all that we have experienced in this life...all that we have come through, has had a hand in creating the person we are today. It has had a big influence on our beliefs and value system...it also shapes how we view ourselves and our future. You can never escape the past.
    Why is it you always make me stop and think with your writings? I think you do this on purpose! 
    This is short and sweet but Wow! What a very thought provoking piece it is. Thank you again!