Poetry By Chuck




The beaver slaps the water, the deer bounds away.

The squirrel sounds a threat and the pine trees sway.

The creek can be heard bubbling and with a gurgle or two,

the waters faint rush will awe inspire you.


The sun shines down warming the day.

The fog mists around and departs over the bay.

I feel the wind in my face and hear natures sounds.

I have that song in my heart so far from the towns.


Find me a place where the meadow lark sings,

and the sun shines off the water of a bubbling spring.

Locate the source of Mother Natures love.

Where the blue sky surrounds you

in the flight of a dove.

Author Notes:

This poem was composed while I was running a 110 mile run from Palmdale to Gorman, CA and back.   I find that the further I get from nature the less I wish to run.  I've developed a fondness for Nature that "runs" throughout my creativity.   Most of my poems have been composed while running.  Living now in Southern CA, I miss the pines, streams, lakes and natures beautiful things.   I always avoided running on streets, and spent most of my time following deer trails in the backcountry.  

Written June 7th 2005