Poetry By Chuck




War. Pestulance. Famine, Torture

I watch, I record, I distain, I adhore

Love, kindness, sharing, courage

I see, I feel, I understand, I am

Murder, Thieft, assault, violence

Tis written they are a part of all women and men

Love, kindness, sharing, courage

Communication as described by a heart

Babies, children, Teens, and adults

Commit acts that we all see ... don't you agree?

A touch, a smile, a hug, a look

All are described, all are inbibed

Cars, jewels, chocolate, and dumpsters

Carry messages of our plunder

Endearing thoughts and tender touches

like grains of sand our hour glass empties

Age, decades, hours, and clock towers

All provide evidence of our folly

Through it all the record stands

A record of tempest, a beach of sand

I write, I watch, I experience, I am

My life a history of it's own

A story told completely alone

I am the Scribe

From my life...

...I can't hide