Poetry By Chuck



I hear in my mind
the silence of the void.
I hear the sound
of emptiness.
But, then I hear
the hum.

Its a kind of vague
formless sound.
It seems to come...

...from everything.

A kind of quiet
restless reminder
of the life
that surrounds me.

Growing things
and some with wings.
Green things
and some that sing.

I feel the hum
of their little lives.

Some beautiful,
some strange,
some horrifying,
and some deranged.

They move in silent,
yet, loud ways.

Some airborne,
some crawling,
some walking
some gnawing.

A strange life
they lead.
Full of eating
then fulfilling their need...

..to reproduce.

I hear the water
trickle down
and I watch as it
spreads around.

Soaking in its own way
into the sand
on which I stand.

I taste the air
that surrounds
and its dusty,
hot, and musky.

The wind is absent
on this day.

Alone I suffer
awaiting its
cleansing ways.

I smell the smoke
from the campfire.
Its curl wafts up
in unashamed
heavenly desire.

The crackle
assault's my ears.

Pleasing me.

I feel the sun
as it burns my skin.
Bringing me
a reflective grin.

I know the silence
of the woods.

I read natures
every word.

So beautiful,
so serene,
so wonderful,
it seems to bring..

.. love.

Author notes

Written September 15th, 2006