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When I stand on this edge.
I can see a sky wider then yours.
A place of wonder with its beauty.
Stretching and reaching places I can't imagine.

Blue with white ribbons of silk.
Tied in rainbows of graceful color.
Painted by winds of changing strokes.
Filling my eyes with its wonder.

I can almost hear the call of its existence.
A kind of melody that beckons me on.
"Walk with me", it says, "and pray;
That you may understand my song".

And then it speaks to me...

"I am your silent observer.
The one that watches your mistakes.
Despite all that you do;
I love you."

"If you explore my expanse.
You will find my touch;
reaching all around.
I am in you."

And then I speak....

"When my eyes are filled with your beauty;
And my senses are delighted.
I find my emotions calmed and tranquil.
Your vast weight a mere trifle."

"I love you."

Author notes

Each of us has a sky.  That surrounds our lives in wonder.

We have only to seek its beauty to gather its love.  

Only you can know your sky.

Written May 30th, 2004


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  • PrabhuDayal Khattar silver member
    June 1, 2005

    I love you sky

    A really perfect write on nature. The picture depicted in the words about sky through an emotional travell is the beauty of this write which is reqlly an impressive. The structure of the write for selection of words and imagery used in this poem both are just appropriate. Very impressive write.prabhudayal khattar

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    July 6, 2004
    The peace and tranquility that one finds when in nature is something that is very hard to put into words, yet you do it so eloquently. I have tried, only to become frustrated. I love that exhilarating and liberating feel of being able to to hop in the car or on the motorcycle and head off down the road...destination unknown...stopping wherever and whenever it tickles my fancy. I keep a throw blanket in my car and in the saddlebag of my bike so I can stop and revel in nature whenever I choose. Those are the moments I feel most at peace...most at rest...and most at one with my Creater. Now you have me wanting to head up the mountain.  Your words suck me in every time! Such awesome talent! 

  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    June 27, 2004
    Thanks. Always nice to read such comments. I have traveled far in my wonderings and have yet to reach home. Yet, I find that adversity which hounds me, never causes me a frown. In nature, I have found a friend.

  • Marbles and Fish
    June 27, 2004
    Hehe, Liadan again. Showed my fiancee, Draven, this and he has to say something about it:
    I love the beauty of this poem. Almost made me start crying (though I wouldn't.... ) The Author's Note is what really caught my eye. Wonderful Job!!!!!
    - Draven -

  • Marbles and Fish
    June 27, 2004
    I loved this remincient/simplicit poem. Beautifully written. It kills when you think about how good things are. I hope that if I ever end up breaking up with my current fiancee that we can still be friends. Although we say that we will I really hope that's not just one of those things that are said but never really enacted...Anywho!!! Absolutely beautiful poem. My heart goes out for you. Because this is a truly inspiring and great poem. It would be an understatement to say I love your poem. Keep it up. Sorry if this comment kinda of rambles on I really tired and can't sleep... 

  • Runawaytrain
    June 27, 2004
    This is beautiful. The sky to me is one of the most beautiful sites ever, and I marvel in knowing that I could live forever and never see the same sunset or sunrise twice. Isn't it amazing. Great descriptive poem.

  • Fool no1
    June 11, 2004
    So much all around us that is beautifull, and somehow slips through the day without too many of us ever noticing. The imagery here is lovely, the words say it all. Thank you for sharing...take care.

  • cherche -d -ame gold member
    May 31, 2004
    Chuck , what a wonderful way with words ...using the sky as a metaphor for our spirituality , my sky is definitely itself , and from the trees and the streams and the brooks to the vast oceans , all flaura , fauna etc...all that speaks of something much bigger than mere little old me 
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