Poetry By Chuck



Sometimes ...
I reach for your hand
Late in the night
Across the bed
To the empty side

I feel only the cold sheets
Like satin shrouds
They cling to my fingers
I almost wake

My dream is that your near
But, your not
My mind so dearly cares
Sometimes I wish I forgot

Toss and turn
Sleep and yearn
for your warm breath
on my lips

My body resonds
To the remembered softness
of yours
when we made love

Sleep turns to yearning
needful things
But, I won't wake
its only a mind acke

Your loss brings a tear
that trickles down
leaving a wet cold path
on its way to the pillow

What a horrible thing
a mindless killer
only death does it bring

I remember and
open my eyes
in the tear filled darkness
of the cold empty room

Is it posssible
to die of a heartbreak
For mine
Feels like breaking

Ours was a wonderous
spring affair
We met by chance
and yet

We knew

A storm of love
Our passions forfilled
Fowers and dates
and plans for a wedding cake

So beautiful
So sweet
No one else could compete
with your smile

God! Can't you perform
... a miracle?
Bring my love
back to me!

I guess not
I see only darkness
and feel only pain
I roll over
and slowly

so slowly





February 26

  • Heart-rending

    All I can say is, only someone who has experienced a loss such as this can really know the depth of utter lonlieness that comes with the loss of a life partner. The plea 'God can't you perform a miricle? and bring my love back to me' is truly heart-rending. You express your feelings so beautifully both the sadness of the heart and the longings of the flesh. You have given me a deeper understanding of how my mother feels after losing my father. Thank you so much for sharing, best wishes and the best of luck!


  • Passionate Knight
    February 22
    Wow... I am glad you wrote this poem for our contest. Your poem is very special, The love flows with such tenderness. Even the background you picked is so soft and tender. I would like to wish you the best of luck in the contest.

  • Touchof1der
    February 19
    This is such a sad, romantic piece. To love someone with such depth of emotion that your very being aches with from the loss of their presence is a most amazing love indeed. Good luck in the contest Chuck!
    ¢¾ Touchof1der