Poetry By Chuck



On wispy clouds of thought carried in a warm memory from afar
comes the sounds of love, in a dream.


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  • Tender wolf gold member
    2 days ago
    the whisper of love floating softly upon the clouds of sweet dreams...floating until union is met within...sighs...your words and the picture match so softly like a beautiful dream...niaish for sharing with me

    • Chuck Johnson silver member
      2 days ago
      Hi Tender Wolf

      Thank you. You have grasped the strings of love woven in the poem and tugged them to reveal the heart behind. You may find "A Truly Beautiful Woman" also enjoyable. Thank you again for your comment.

  • kvwriter silver member
    April 22
    Ah, dreams. I love those that carry love and warm memories. Such descriptive prose here. So much said with such brevity. Beautiful!
    Love to you, Dear Friend!

  • mysticstorm gold member
    April 2
    So much said in so few words...very soft and loving...truly well done and creative...
    thank you for entering!

  • APoeticDreamer
    March 31
    Before I comment on the poem I'm loving the background lol.

    Oh I have an idea for this... I think... if there is a way.. you could make the words looks as though they are floating. I think that would give a nice effect to the poem.

    Well, I thought that this was well penned. I'm not into short reads most of the time, but this was good.