Poetry By Chuck



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When the sun retires for the night,
and the evening pulls it's blanket over my head.
Its then the stars fill my sight,
and they glimmer, twinkle and sooth this moment in bed.

I raise my eyes to their beauty,
and gather to me that shining splender.
Thinking my hand towards the heavens,
but I cannot touch its treasure.

Such is my life of romance.
Beyond the grasp of my hand.
As elusive as the oceans shoreline,
that flowing vastness of sand.

It trickles, it flows, it rushes,
though my hands and toes.
I stand naked in its abandonment.
Without the cloth of love.

There are no tender moments,
no sweet thoughts from her mind.
The ocean flows onward,
as does this endless time.

Author notes

Written August 3rd, 2005