Poetry By Chuck



Time never stands still, things change with the tides.
........................Most of us just are along for the ride.  

Our cesspools fill our harbor floors.
Our morality fails at the Oval Office door.  
Our smog carries death to our forests.  
Our engines melt the Polar Ice Cap.  
Our Producers produce only trendy crap.  
Our Manufacturers make pet rocks.  
Our customs agents can't cope at the docks.
Our workers work to pay the bills of corrupt politicians.  
Our military dies to prevent religious fanaticism.  
Our parents have met cancer fates.  
Our off-spring think only of dates.  
Our intelligence lacks the willing hands.  
Our colleges, its money they demand.  
Our cops fight a losing battle.  
Our crime rates soar from New York to Seattle.
Our priests gather to worship only kids.
Our intellectuals can't think they're scared instead.
Our attention is gathered to commercial junk.
Our tabloids tell tall tales of Hollywood punks.
Our security is a sieve that leaks at our borders.
Our safety is a joke not worth a quarter.

Where is the time that has passed away.  
Where is the innocence lost today.
Where are our parents moral views.
Where are the churches with lined pews.
Where are the willing the proud the few?

They are dying in Iraq,

While you eat, whore, and sample xxx stew.

Author notes

Written August 5th, 2005


  • WoW! You must have been doing a lot of reflecting on the world and people and situations surrounding both. You have just about covered it all here. I guess it's help to put things in perspective when you think how much worse things could be and are... for others as opposed to self. 

  • Fool no1
    August 8, 2005
    You seem to have summed this up pretty well chuck. The second to last line being the cliche. Well written ...mal