Poetry By Chuck



Time to do what?
Time to think?
Time to Die?
Time to live?
Time to cry?

Time to be?
Time to Change?
Time to rearrange?
Time to Obtain?
Time to Create?
Time to Procreate?
Time to Celebrate?

Perhaps its time to stop,
Or time to begin,
Or time to forget,
Or time to remember?

Do you have time to...

Do you have the time?

Time is so complex only because we make it that way.
Actually, time is really easy to understand...or is it?

Is time just the passing of time?
Is time the hourly rate?
Is time defined only by our definitions of it?
How do we recognize time itself.

Thats interesting... recognizing time itself... not the clock
nor the calendar, nor the movements of a bird.. or the aging of
our skin, but the actual "time".

I have no answer to this as I cannot see time.  I cannot hold it in my hand.
I cannot eat time, nor smell it.  Yet I see its effects on the rotting
of meat, the souring of milk, the spots on my mother, the death of my father.

I see times effects...yet I cannot see it.

So after reading all of this..and perhaps the poem "Time" of mine...

Tell me how you see time.

Author notes

Define Time.   Tell me how you see it.  What does time mean to you?  How do you define it?  Pick out the one thing you recognize the most and describe the way it shows ... time and time again... time.
Written July 28th, 2004