Poetry By Chuck



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When the wind blows
my heart knows
the silence of love.

When the storm arrives
and the thunder thrives
my eye cries.

When the water drowns
my emotional frowns
time surrounds.


When the clouds break
and I forget the heartache
I sense relief.

When the sun shines in
and I cup my chin
I remember the grin.

... of my life.

My daughters birth.
My Sisters laughter.
My Brothers smile.
My Mothers lack of guile.

I remember...

The love of those
who value my presence
and forgive
my temper.

The love of those
who God only knows
have reason to decry
my actions.

I ask forgiveness.

To turn the leaf
that is my life
I must remember
only I ...only I

... have the answer.

Author notes

Each of us has had a time in our lives when, small or large, we have a reason to ask for forgiveness.    But, only the person themselves can find the path to that forgiveness.   For it's not the opinion of others that counts as much as your inner self opinion.    Make amends, ask for forgiveness, but do not expect it.    Then, gather yourself and face life and prove your worth it.

Written September 11th, 2006



Touchof1der Moderators member
September 15, 2006
It's not always easy to turn that thin lined leaf is it? We often resist it so, even though we must. I could sense the deep reflection in your words here and they have deeply touched me. I cannot even begin to number the times I resisted taking the first steps to move ahead, move on in my life, and just step out of the rut I was in. That first step was always a killer! And still is, to this day. I look forward to what lies ahead for me but there are still those moments of numbing fear, and the questioning of "Oh My God, did I do the right thing?" But somehow we manage to get to the point where we understand that if we don't move ahead, we'll drown in our tracks and ultimately what mark will we have left. Great words have flown from your pen here my friend. Thank you for entering my contest and sharing them with me.
¢¾ Touchof1der

  • One Poetic Heart gold member
    September 13, 2006
    Chuck this is so sad,sadness is in the air..tears fall like rain, forgiveness is a must in life,temperment goes with anxieties, hope all is well my sweet friend,be well and Happy..MM