Poetry By Chuck


A Truly Beautiful Woman

There are very few women in the world who have been truly beautiful.  

Very few.

When you look for that beautiful woman

you must look deeper then her physical beauty.  

You must look past her many physical attributes,

past the shape of her body
the curve of her hip

and the way that she responds to pleasure.

 Past even her attentiveness to your needs,

her response to your advances.

You must look deeper inside.  

When you look at her mind,

you must see the beauty of her intellect,

the power of her mental essence,

the love that she radiates,

and that special person that she is.  

But, even that is not deep enough.

You must look to her personality,

that which has been forged through the fires of life,

the rigors of hardships,

and the pain of physical challenges.  

That personality which reflects in her eyes,

and will glow with its shinning life.

It will be like a star,

that in the evening filament twinkles

and the humor of her personality

will  flicker into your awareness

with joyous abandon.

But, even that is not deep enough.  

You must pass even her personality to reach into her heart.  

Her heart must beat with a passion.

She must pulse with love.  

Her blood must flow carrying to her fingertips

the messages of her love.  

Written in tender touches for you alone.

Even that is not deep enough to discover the truly beautiful person.  

To be truly beautiful, to really surpass all others,

you must glance into her soul.  

Surrounded by her aura, cradled in her essence,

this is the place of true beauty.  

Its reflection sharper then the calmest waters of a fountain.  

A soul of true spirituality.  

Its here that beauty is truly found.  

Forever tranquil, in the endless memories that each time you meet her...

...impress themselves into your heart.