Poetry By Chuck



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When are you ever sure about love?
Can you be sure when you first meet?
Do you have any certainty when you first kiss?
Perhaps when you hug and say goodbye?
Or maybe when you first have dinner or a dance?
The first time you cry together?

When can you be sure its love?
Perhaps when you both admit it?
When you first make love?
After your first fight?
Or maybe when you touch?

I'm not sure you can be certain about love.
Is love a feeling, an emotion, a certainty?
Can you measure what love is?
What is love anyway?

Does saying, "I do." Mean your in love?
Will time teach you the meaning of love?
Does your first born convince you?

So many questions.
No answers?

I think love is complex, ever changing and is born 
mysteriously in the dark recesses of your soul
bringing a light that illuminates your center
and colors your eyes in rose.
I think love is a jewel
rare and un-tooled.
I believe in love
it's a part of me.
Love is a feeling
unsurpassed and free
Love reminds all of us
that two are one.
Love is a gem
sparkling like a diamond.
Attracting envy.
Truly it must be
the greatest feeling
in the world.


Author notes

Written February 2nd, 2006