Poetry By Chuck



What does it mean to Love

Love touches your heart with a tenderness
that melts even the hardest soul.
It gathers all those feelings often hidden by daily woe.

Love moves in the strangest of ways
within the unguarded breast.
Its felt deep inside where long dormant feelings often rest.


Love is felt in the smooth textured touch of tender moist lips.
It transfers from person to person, never does it slip.


Love makes the partners proud
and bold in their needed attentions.
It gathers heat slowly, then releases it with in sodden abandon.


Love is the bond that lovers share with their mates.
It cements its longing with trial and error on dates.

Love happens but is rarely planned.
Its exact definition is never the same in the end.


Love is holding you tender, in the hardness of my arms.
Its pressing against your breast and all your many charms.

Love is desire that transcends rational bounds.
Its animal actions and steamy surrounds.


Love is giving, of ones self and each other.
It is sharing, the fruits of pain and pleasure.

Love is how I think of you.
It makes its appearance each time fresh and new.

Love is the sparkle in your eyes.
It is the dazzle of your smile.

Love is the charm of your personality.
Its the attractiveness of your body.

Love is the motion of your needs.
It is the compassion that wants to please.

Love is the flower of your youth.
It is the gift of your maturity.



Author notes

Each of us must try as best we can to define what love is to us.  Its never the same, never rule bound.  It is in the dictionary...but the defination...escapes even that worthy document.  Only you can define it.



  • mysterious soul
    December 8, 2005 
    awwww... it sounds like ur in love(btw it seems that the girly is veeery lucky)hehe well i really liked it and i think that u explained it very well! i would fall for u if u read that lol jk
  • ecrivain01
    August 3, 2005

    good job

    Very nice. I see your cheering section thinks so too. Here is a typo:

    Love is holding you tender(ly), in the hardness of my arms.

    Otherwise, good job.

  • babyalah
    July 29, 2005
    Such lovely and beautiful words spooken here. i had a tear of happyness as i was reading this poem. well done and keep up the good work like you have done here.

  • Annalise
    July 29, 2005 
    Love is the flower of your youth.
    It is the gift of your maturity...

    You have captured many of the definitions of love quite poetically. This is a beautiful, feel good write, very romantic and sweet.
    Good luck in the contest! 

    Bestest wishes and all that other mushy, gushy stuff  ~Meli~
  • Molly Densmore silver member
    July 29, 2005
    This was absolutely beautiful. wonderfully written and it flowed so nicely. I loved this. Great job and thank you for sharing it.

  • Chuck Johnson silver member
    July 29, 2005
    I'm really flattered at all these comments and from the opposite sex too! lol. Ty Gals! ReAlLy ApPrEcIaTe them!

  • wishintreeUK
    July 29, 2005

    Beautiful Poem!

    This is "ACE" Chuck! you have touched on all the assets I would associate with what love truely is... the lines that stood out to me personally the most are these:

    "Love is how I think of you.
    It makes its appearance each time fresh and new."

    You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself in simple terms, that is what makes your work so beautiful to read.

    Well Done!


  • rocker4me
    July 27, 2005 
    I loved this. I loved how you made the definition pertain to you personally instead of trying to do the impossible and make it just a broad statement. I loved the personal-ness of it...it was so good and i felt so connected. Wonderful job. Keep on writing!

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    July 27, 2005
    These are words that can only be speken from the heart of true romantic. I would not have expected anything less from you. This is beautiful Chuck. I too agree that love cannot really be defined. It's different for all of us and it's definition changes as we mature. I believe the one thing everybody agrees on though is that love is being attentive and attending to the needs and desires of your mate. I adore what you have penned here. 

  • Fool no1
    July 27, 2005
    Love Is? Your right Chuck, so many definitions and each one special to each individual. We all see and feel Love differently. You have captured within this tender write many of those definitions. Excellent ...mal

  • BattleOfBlood
    July 27, 2005
    I loved this, and your right we must each find our own definition of the word. I hope to find my own definiton of it soon.
    Blessed be,