Poetry By Chuck



Two become one

that solitary dream

is no longer sung


Two become one

twin pedal flowers

grow in the sun


Two become one

Author Notes:
When our planet began and two sexes were created or evolved upon it.  The two became naturally directed to become one.  Throughout all the ages these two merged their thoughts, desires, ambitions, hobbies, realities, and their natural attraction for each other.  With a special attachment these creatures of the earth have a special relationship that even the animals share.
Love.  This unique emotional state, this compelling mental process, this heartfelt yearning for a mate is a process of creativity.  A necessity of survival.  But, its also an emotional state.  So, what is love.  Is love just a mental condition.  Is love just a biological need.  Is love just a creative urge.  Is love just a desire.  Or...  Is love when two become one.  When two are so compatible that their souls merge into enduring tenderness.  When two share everything, rich or poor, healthy or sick, challenged and disabled.  There are so many kinds of love.  The love of a father for a daughter.  The love of a dog for its protector.  The love of a Sow for its cub.  The love of a person for their home.  We could go on and on.  But, instead of trying to define, this evasive condition, perhaps we should just realize how incredibly lucky we are when we enjoy it.