Poetry By Chuck




I remember the Old West, the Cowboys were there.
Out where there was sagebrush, wagon wheels and steers.
Missing image
Where have all the Cowboys gone?
Have our hero's gone beyond.
The cactus is mostly alone.
That kind of hero is almost unknown.

Now when trouble rears its ugly head.
Where are the Cowboys we look for instead?

Have they all died out and gone to the grave.
With so many lives around the world to save.

The desert is a woman who loves tan.
Our Cowboys have left  there, to a man.

But, they haven't died out, its easy to see.
They're in our military services..

....and proud as can be.

Author notes

Sometimes we lose sight of what is important.  What could be more important in our lives then the loss of life.  Hero's come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and religions.   We know we can't change people just by good wishes, but when we evaluate them against the real world not our wishful one, we discover treasures often hidden by daily trivial woe's.

Written January 28th, 2006