Poetry By Chuck



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To Give or not To Give.
That is the question.
When is it giving.
When is it Loving.
When is it greed


To Give or not to Give
of ones self or money.
Is money worth more than time?
Are actions worth less then a dime?

Some give quality time.
Some give less then a dime.
Some risk their lives for others.
Certainly, they are the heroes.

In our world, no man is an island,
nor is a woman less then a man.
So, to risk all you have for another
is to show a love like no other.

Take a bullet for your friend,
take a stand against evil men,
or place yourself in harm's way,
or bravely risk all your days.

Those are the actions of true charity.
Faith in mankind, hope in God,
are the makings of a person
who believes.

So, my heroes are paid,
some to be the heroes they are.
Others to support them and us
against evil near and far.

My heroes are our military,
who daily face death.
The loss of all their days
for the security of our families.

No, the're not non-profit nor are they unsung,
but they are the true heroes among us
and their efforts must not be undone.

Author notes

The USO is my choice of charities, for the men and woman who grace their non-profit activities.   If you wish to help these needy souls who are daily in harms way, please contact the nearest USO and give or volunteer at least a day.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the USO. Our volunteers are our greatest asset.  The USO centers could use your help.

If you do not have a USO center near you, please email tprantner@uso.org to inquire about helping in your local area as a USO representative.


Written January 6th, 2006


  • Dolphin Shaktiheart
    January 22, 2006 

    Shades of Vietnam.

    Although I am not very fond of War poems, ( I am even less fond of war, itself especialy this one.) This piece of work demontrates well, the thoughts going through the mind of a soldier as he is hunkered down in a foxhole clutching his M-16 knowing that his next breath could be his last.
  • Pome
    January 17, 2006
    Great poem to gain support for a worthy charity.. Most of our soldiers don't even realize how important and heroic each and every one of them truly are.. Thanks .. -Pome

  • Everglow
    January 8, 2006
    Chuck, This is beautiful. I love it!!! I am slightly biased on the subject but I love it!! I love all your poems and you truly express what it is to be a soldier. Once a soldier always a soldier, I salute you.
    Great poem and I hope to read some more soon.
    P.S. Like the background (I woulda done army myself  Just kidding)

  • kvwriter silver member
    January 7, 2006
    Good for you, Chuck! Self-sacrifice is the ultimate price to pay! May you be richly blessed! I've missed you, my friend! God bless!--Kel

  • klassy lassy silver member
    January 7, 2006
    The USO is a great non-profit organization and our troops, although paid, are definitely heroes in my estimation. I am impressed with this write because you capture that sacarifice so well! I agree with Zayra, this sings of experience and dedication.

    Good luck with your entry!

  • grannyeri gold member
    January 6, 2006
    A very thoughful poem that is emotional and your sentiments are well expressed through these lines.