Poetry By Chuck



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When I stand alone in the sand,
I see the sunset as it paints the sky.
There to be one with Nature,
and watch the Mallards fly.

When God paints another unique picture,
of scarlet colors in orange hues,
he does so just once for each splendor,
and that is how I think of you.

A beauty created but once.
A wonder that the world beholds,
then loses with the approaching night,
another story then to be told.

No eyes sparkle as you do.
No smiles spread the miles so blue.
There are no words to adequately describe,
the wonder that is you.

So unique that I have found,
whenever your around,
a peace that seems to surround,
extending from the sky to the ground.

I breath-in your presence,
I sense with my mind your special essence,
and know my fond dependence,
will never leave me.

My heart will never find,
a flaw in your kind,
of natural, spiritual mind,
and its God given splendor.

My beauty...

My love...


Author notes

When she occupies your mind
and beauty is what you find,
its then love will find you.

Written November 6th, 2004


  • haikumonk
    November 26, 2004
    good luck to you....... 


  • MagicLady silver member
    November 25, 2004
    I love to write about nature. It seems that many times I write, and never post it. I write it on scrapes of paper when I am out in it and I lose the scrapes. It can never be rewritten the same way again. I lose the spirit of the writing.

    Your poem is just lovely. I like the line: I breath-in your presence,
    That is wondreful.

    Cheryl  cheers!!
  • JM Kenyon silver member
    November 19, 2004
    The way nature can touch the soul and make a spirit weep is an amazing feeling. All of the mmost beautiful love songs and poetry can not say what a single sunset can say... they can not sooth as much as a summer evening breeze nor rain drops after a sorching hot day... I love this poem, it is an inspiration. Best wishes and  's ~genielassie~
  • charity
    November 11, 2004
    when i lived insocal i never really looked at the beauty of the sun set beaches but now that i live in az ilove to walk to the mail box in the evening i can't tell you how many times i triped because i was looking up at the beautiful ski it is in no way just blue thank you
  • Haran
    November 11, 2004
    Beautiful, what lovely words, and very descriptive! A joy to read and the flow is dreamlike, best of luck in the contest, Ann

  • wishintreeUK
    November 11, 2004

    Beautiful Poem!

    Chuck, you have such a way with words when it comes to painting a picture of nature for others to view through your own eyes. This poem is no exception! your imagery is fantastic, giving each and everyone of us the pleasure of seeing nature through your mind's eye.
  • BrittDavis
    November 9, 2004
    very pretty. I loved the imagerey with the unique sunsets and the unique person. Very nice way of putting it.

  • YerTweetyness
    November 7, 2004
    This is a romantic way of expressing your love for nature!
    I absolutely enjoyed reading this poem!  Excellent!!
    Good luck in this contest!


  • pattyann4500 gold member
    November 7, 2004
    Nature so beautifully described.

  • cherche -d -ame gold member
    November 6, 2004
    I am and have always been a nature freak, and I must humbly say...I could not have written it better <---just kidding , this is really beautiful, good luck in the contest,

  • Fool no1
    November 6, 2004
    To be at one with the earth , to revel in her beauty and find peace in her wonders. Excellent write chuck the imagery here is wonderful. Well done...mal

  • Touchof1der Moderators member
    November 6, 2004
    I am so pleased to see that you chose the challenge of writing about the beauty surrounding us. So many people allow their vision to become clouded by the problems of the world and as a result they fail to see the immense beauty that lies right before them. I recently entered a contest held here by another poet. The entries had to be written about birds. In the course of doing research for the contest, I became so fascinated with our feathered friends. Up until that time, I had never really given them much thought or notice really. Perhaps through pieces like this, people will once again see the beauty. Thank you for entering my contest and good luck!